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Proudly leading the food-to-go market.

Our Customers
Our Customers

From worried visitors to the wards, Parliamentarians, ferry passengers, cricket hordes, bankers, students and adrenaline junkies, there isn’t a consumer we aren’t catering for. You’ll find us wherever there are foodies in need of a good sarnie.

Over the years, we’ve come across many challenges but thanks to our combined experience and our passion for food, we’ve learned how to solve any kind of catering conundrum.

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We Primarily Work Across The Following Sectors


We provide breakfast, lunch and snack options to education environments. We have a deep understanding of the requirements on educational sites and love to hear great feedback when sampling our products amongst students.


Fortifying the 9 to 5-er’s, when we work in the Business & Industry sector we like to niche down to the customers inside each base. We develop a menu that’s so enticing, consumers won’t need to hit the high street to satisfy those lunch time cravings. We also support our customers catering needs for events and meetings.


We work hand in hand with catering in the healthcare sector, tailoring the menu to healthcare specifications to make sure when people need it most, there’s a health suitable, high quality lunch option on hand. We have a wide range of CQUIN compliant menu items that suit a diverse and trend following market.

Travel & Leisure

From railway dining cars to carefully positioned kiosks. We work with the travel and leisure sector to make sure no matter how high the footfall and how limited the space, there’s a fantastic food to go offer available.

Coffee Shops

A perfect partnership. We create a menu around each coffee shop’s requirements, letting them concentrate on delivering great drinks with the peace of mind that their food options are fortifying their customers and their brand.

Stadia & venues

We love a big crowd and we’re not afraid of taking on large last minute orders as we know our operation and production teams will rise to the challenge.


We know a thing or two about retail but most importantly, we regularly get great insights around how high street retailers and coffee shops are doing. This puts us in the best position to work with you to keep your customers coming back for more.



Our team handmade 12M sandwiches last year.


Customers selling our finger licking sandwiches.


Staff members working around the clock to make sure your sandwiches are freshly made.


Years making sandwiches that are the talk of town.